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EMSEAL provides sealant systems and technical support to prominent structures throughout the world, including stadiums, arenas, hospitals, parking structures, airports, malls and other commercial and public sector developments. EMSEAL products are used worldwide, including in the new Yankee Stadium and Citi Field in New York, Westfield Malls, American Airlines Arena in Miami, The Empire State Building, Lincoln Center, The CN Tower Toronto, Watergate Hotel, Greensboro, N.C. Coliseum, Houston Intercontinental Airport, the Pentagon, Nordstrom's Stores, FedEx Field Washington Redskins Stadium, Citizens Bank Philadelphia Phillies Ballpark, California Polytechnic and the Atlantic Station in Atlanta.

EMSEAL operates out of two large factories - its headquarters in Westborough, Mass. and its manufacturing plant in Toronto, Canada. For more information, contact EMSEAL at or call 508-836-0280 / 800-526-8365 in North America, or visit the EMSEAL corporate website at

Below is an archived list of more news about EMSEAL:

05/20/2010 -- EMSEAL Receives SBANE’s 2010 Innovations Award for Breakthrough Line of Expansion Joints

08/20/2009 -- Mets Citi Field part of EMSEAL’s "Triple Play" in N.Y. Sports Arena Expansion Joint Sealing

05/28/2009 -- EMSEAL Develops Breakthrough Single-Unit Fire-Rated Expansion Joint System for Walls

04/15/2009 -- EMSEAL Develops Breakthrough ‘EMSHIELD DFR2’ Fire-rated, Watertight, Trafficable Structural Expansion Joint System

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