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Breakaway Adventures specializes in off-the-beaten-path gastronomic walking and cycling tours in Europe.

Founded in 1997, Breakaway Adventures is an established and experienced tour company that offers more than 200 relaxed overseas getaways where guests can walk, bike, trek or barge through the back roads of 30 countries, including Italy, France, Greece and Great Britain.

Owned by husband and wife team Michael Carson and Carol Keskitalo, who believe that walking, cycling and barging tours are unmatched in their ability to expose the real beauty and culture of a country, Breakaway Adventures selects only the highest quality tours into the heart of the regions they have personally traveled and lived in.

While Breakaway Adventures offers a full range of options for travelers, including group, guided, independent and self-guided tours, the company specializes in independent tours that are fully supported. For more detailed itineraries or to book a tour, visit or call 800-567-6286.

Below is an archived list of more news about Breakaway Adventures:

02/23/2010 -- Breakaway Adventures Introduces Lightweight E-Bikes for Travelers on Swiss Lakes Vacations in Europe this Summer

01/05/2009 -- Breakaway Adventures Features Eco-Friendly Walking and Cycling Tours Worldwide in 2009

10/07/2008 -- Breakaway Adventures First U.S. Tour Operator to Offer Independent Walking Tour on Bermuda

05/08/2008 -- Breakaway Adventures' "Gastronomic Walk in Tuscany" Features Free Bottle of Tuscan Wine with Each Evening Meal

02/06/2008 -- Breakaway Adventures Announces New Walking Tours in Sicily, Croatia, Switzerland and Italy in 2008 Brochure

10/15/2007 -- Breakaway Adventures Offers Walking and Cycling Tours this Winter on Three Continents

04/19/2007 -- Breakaway Adventures Offers Walking-Cycling Tours this Summer in France, Switzerland and Austria

03/05/2007 -- Breakaway Adventures Offers Walking and Cycling Tours to Coincide with Bella Umbria Chocolate Festival in October

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