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Wolfe Public Relations specializes in writing and distributing press releases to traditional, online and social media. A U.S.-based public relations firm with clients in the U.S., Mexico, Chile and Costa Rica, Wolfe PR takes a strategic, journalistic approach to public relations.

Established in 1993, the firm is comprised of former journalists with a keen understanding of what is news and what is not. Wolfe PR is adept at writing compelling press release content that gets noticed by the traditional media, while also utilizing a variety of SEO tools to help raise your profile in the crowded online world.

Wolfe Public Relations focuses on banking and finance, legal PR, travel PR, sports, real estate, government and manufacturing as well as foundations and non-profits.

The firm also provides a variety of other writing services including web content, white papers, blogs, press kit materials, op eds and is experienced in media relations, event management and strategic PR consulting.

For additional information, visit or contact the firm at or (520) 207-9551. Thank you.

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12/16/2003 -- Holiday Story Ideas for Media

11/19/2003 -- Martha Smith Joins Wolfe Public Relations

01/02/2003 -- Chris Knickerbocker Joins Wolfe Public Relations

08/07/2002 -- Andy Sturtevant Joins Wolfe Public Relations as Media Relations Director

07/10/2002 -- Jeremy H. Burden, D.D.S., Joins His Family's Longtime Dental Practice in Bath

02/08/2002 -- Marie Malin Joins Wolfe Public Relations

01/18/2002 -- Wolfe Public Relations Creates Travel PR Division

11/30/2001 -- Wolfe Public Relations Awarded Golden Arrow for Peoples Beach to Beacon 10k Road Race

10/16/2000 -- Dana Slone and Rachel Boyer Join Wolfe Public Relations in Portland

03/15/2000 -- Wolfe Public Relations Expands, Moves to 44 Exchange Street

02/23/2000 -- Portland Public Relations Firm Launches Internet News Wire Service

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