Friday May 25, 2018

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The newly organized Across the Bay 10K will take 20,000 runners over the landmark 4.3-mile Chesapeake Bay Bridge. The event will be directed by Dave McGillivray and his team at DMSE Sports, one of the top race directors in the U.S.

The inaugural Across the Bay 10K is set for Nov. 9, 2014. General registration begins Nov. 9, 2013 at

The initial Across the Bay 10K will mark the first organized crossing of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge on foot in eight years. The event will benefit several charity partners, including the Yellow Ribbon Fund, a Maryland-based organization that helps injured servicemen upon their return.

The Across the Bay 10K is organized by the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Run, LLC, a Maryland-based partnership founded by Peter Paris and Sparrow Rogers. The event will be hosted by Live Work Play in QA, the State of Maryland and the Annapolis Visitors Bureau.

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10/30/2013 -- Organizers of ‘Across the Bay 10K’ Name Official Charity Partners to Benefit from Chesapeake Bay Bridge Run

10/16/2013 -- Organizers of New ‘Across the Bay 10K’ Tap Renowned Race Director Dave McGillivray for Inaugural Chesapeake Bay Bridge Run

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